Thoughts in autumn days

Thoughts in autumn days

Apparently, we are touched by the syndrome of dissolution, of the conflict between ideologies and sometimes we offend, we hurt one another. Can young people’s innocence cure the lack the grownups’ lack of cordiality? Can the generation of the 100-year-old Romania cure the exodus of the young generation in search for a better life?

We are called upon to testify that, for the time being, the only institution which encompasses our youth with all its ideals is the Church, no matter how difficult it might be for some to believe that. Being called upon to testify the unity of a Nation, we do know that this unity is born from the unity of Spirit in Christ, the Lord of our forefathers and ours. That does not mean we do not enjoy being scientists or professionals working in today’s advanced industries sector, or that we are not abreast of the times. No, Christ does not interfere with our plan to live as humans in this world of ours. However, he demands that our humanity be lucid, realistic, a humanity motivated by His Resurrection. What does this mean for the world we live in? How is the Unity of a Nation connected to His Resurrection? God, who is contemporary with every generation, ours included, reminds us that we are human only to the extent to which we remember to bring joy to one another. This autumn of the Romanian Centennial, Sibiu will try to remind the young that God is Joy, Unity, Holiness and that the Liturgy is a Gift through which all these are revived in our consciousness. We do not know anything about the joy the upcoming autumn can bring. We only know that the first Young Man invited to meet the Orthodox youth is Him, Our Resurrected, the One and Living God. That will make all Joy truly possible!

Fr. Constantin Necula

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