Over 3000 young people are expected at Sibiu during the event.

Dioceses are responsible for the careful selection of young people and, in particular, the relationship with those under 18 years old. Each group of 40 youth will have a responsible, helped by four assistants (one assistant for every 10 young participants) within the group of 40.

Selecting young people will be follow the criteria:

  • Orthodox Youth, boys and girls, aged 16 – 35 years with experience in parishes or youth associations (ASCOR, ATOR, LTCOR and other associations);
  • Young people between 16 – 18 years (maximum 50% of the group) will be selected only with the parental consent form completed sent by the organizers;
  • Theological students and seminary students (not more than 10% of the group);

Organizers from each group will have a group leader (priest) and an accompanying group (boy/girl) from the organizers.

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